Hardwood and Softwood Lumber

Quality Plywood stocks a variety of hardwood and softwood lumber. From Anigre to Zebrawood, we are sure to have what you need.

Hardwood Lumber Stock

Red Oak Birch Soft Maple Hard Maple
Q-Ply Euro Lumber Cherry Rustic Alder Walnut
White Oak White Ash Spanish Cedar Hickory/Pecan
Poplar Nyatoh Okoume Mahogany African Mahogany
Quartered Sawn Anigre Quartered Sawn Bubinga Obeeche Purpleheart
Lacewood Wenge English White Oak Burl Basswood
Curly Maple Honduras Rosewood Zebrawood Brazilian Oak
Jatoba Quartered Sawn Makore Padouk Quarter Sawn Sapele
European Steamed Beech English Brown Oak Burl Peruvian Black Walnut Alder
Birdseye Maple Eastern White Pine Santos Mahogany Ipe
Butternut Agathis Virola Teak
Lyptus Rustic Alder Sapele Quartered Afromosia

Softwood Lumber Stock

Redwood Cypress Cedar Clear Fir
Pressure Treated SPF SYP  

Gross Tally VS Net Tally: What are you paying for?

Gross tally is the amount of green lumber the logger sells to the lumber mill before drying and milling. After drying, lumber loses an average 8% of its footage. After milling, it can lose another 10%. If you purchase from your current supplier at gross tally, you are paying for material that you do not receive!

Even worse, you could end up without enough material for your project! For instance, even though your invoice and shipping documents say you ordered 1,000 board feet of rough lumber, you will only receive 920 board feet because a supplier selling at gross tally does not take into account the 8% loss in footage when the material is dried.

Net tally takes into account the loss of footage as lumber is dried and surfaced.

At Quality Plywood Specialties, we sell our lumber net tally so that when you order 1,000 board feet of rough lumber, you receive and pay for 1,000 board feet, not 920 board feet!

Still not convinced? Let a QPS representative show you the difference! Call us today to make an appointment!

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