Bending Plywood

Quality Plywood stocks a variety of bending panel products.

Traditional Bending Plywood

Bending plywood is ideal for anywhere you need to create a curve.  It is perfect for furniture and cabinetry. 

4x8 1/8 Bending Lauan Column
4x8 1/4 Bending Lauan Column
4x8 3/8 Bending Lauan Column
8x4 1/8 Bending Birch Barrel
8x4 1/4 Bending Lauan Barrel
8x4 3/8 Bending Lauan Barrel

Kerfkore Products

A revolutionary bendable substrate easier to use than bending plywood!

No Surface Preparation - No Warping or Twisting - No Size Variation - No Odor -

No Flat Spots - Less Labor

A variety of Kerfkore Products are available.


A highly flexible 2-ply product designed for use in many kinds of radius projects.The core consists of kerfed MDF with a high density overlay.

Timber Flex Bending Board

This bending board features a smooth poplar face that is ready to paint, stain or cover with laminate without patching or sanding.

KerfKore Bending Board

High pressure laminates, veneers, metals and other semi-rigid materials can be laminated flat and then cold formed into virtually any shape.

Flexboard Bending Board

Flexboard is a lower cost alternative to Timber Flex when milder radii are required.

Ultralite Bending Board

Ultralite is a revolutionary bendable foam panel that allows you to laminate or veneer flat and then bend up to a 3" radius. Ultralite only weighs 2 ounces per square foot and is perfect for situations where weight is a consideration.


FlexGreen is an environmentally friendly product that can be used for numerous kinds of radius applications. Its face consists of  Eucalyptus fiber hardboard. The face is attached to a particle board substrate that is made from 100% recovered and recycled fibers.  This product is also completely free of added formaldehyde. 

FlexGreen can contribute to LEED credit points for MR 4.1, MR 4.2 and EQ 4.4.


Call today for more information about our bending plywood and KerfKore Products.

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