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Bending Plywood

Quality Plywood Stocks a Variety of Bending Panel Products

Traditional Bending Plywood

Kerfkore Products

Kerfkore Instructional Videos

Traditional Bending Plywood

Bending plywood is ideal for anywhere you need to create a curve. It is perfect for furniture and cabinetry.

4x8 1/8" Bending Poplar Column
8x4 1/8" Bending Poplar Barrel
4x8 3/8" Bending Lauan Column
8x4 3/8" Bending Lauan Barrel
8x4 1/4" Bending Lauan Barrel

Kerfkore Products

A revolutionary bendable substrate that is easier to use than traditional bending plywood! Kerfkore products help you create accurate and predictable curves quickly and easily!

Kerfkore Products

Kerfkore Products

A Variety of Kerfkore Products are Available:
EconoKore: Made of processed MDF core with a High Density or Poplar Plywood overlay, you'll find it much easier and more economical to use than bending ply! EconoKore is available in 1/4", 3/8" and in 3/4" with a lite MDF core.
Timberflex: Ideal for custom fabrication because it is the first and only high-quality 3/4" bendable panel that has a three-ply Italian Popular face ready to paint or laminate without the need for patching or sanding.

Timberflex panels can bend to a 5" radius and are perfectly flat without dips, valleys and hard spots often found in bendable plywood. Timberflex is dimensionally sized to have the same thickness throughout to assure excellent seam hiding characteristics.

Timberflex is available in 4'x8" and 8'x4' panel sizes and in 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" thicknesses.
Kerfkore: Kerfkore is ideal for production environments where repetitive products are manufactured. This is a revolutionary substrate material that allows horizontal or vertical grade laminates, metals, 2-ply and phenolic backed veneers to be laminated flat and then formed into virtually any shape without stress cracks, delamination or telegraphing. Kerfkore provides for smooth and symmetrical inside and outside radii up to 3 1/2".

Kerfkore is a nominal 4'x8' panel size and in 1/4" 1/2" and 3/4" thicknesses. The core material includes particleboard, MDF, plywood or Class A fire treated substrates. The face paper is a black latex impregnated paper and is also available two-sided with an optional brown paper backer.
Kerfkore Green Kerfkore-Green is made from a NAF (no added formaldehyde) core that is certified to be 100% recovered and recycled fiber. Kerfkore-Green can contribute to LEED credit points for MR4.1, MR4.2, and EQ4.4.
FlexGreen FlexGreen consists of a face made of Eucalyptus fiber hardboard attached to a particleboard substrate that is made from 100% recovered and recycled fiber. FlexGreen can help contribute to LEED credit points for MR 4.1, MR 4.2, and EQ 4.4.
Flexboard Flexboard is a bendable substrate with a hardboard face that can be formed first and laminated last. The stable face is very suitable for the application of many different face materials.

Flexboard is a low-cost alternative to bending plywood for radius fabrication. For just pennies more, Flexboard provides 10-inch radius fabrication quickly and easily with no sanding, patching, multiple layers, special installation, or odor. It reduces cost, scrap, and can be used for unlimited radius applications. Flexboard can be bent and attached to a ribbed frame easily with staples, nails and glue.

Flexboard is an engineered wood product that produces a consistent material for fabrication use. It is available in nominal, 4'x8', 4'x10', 8'x4' and 10'x4' sizes with a standard particleboard core and a .080 thick hardboard face. Optional core materials are available such as MDF, plywood, FR and others. The hardboard surface is ideal for painting or laminating paper, vinyl, veneer, HPL, and metal. Consistent thickness results in excellent seam hiding qualities without extra filling or sanding.

Kerfkore Instructional Videos

How to splice Kerfkore Shaping Kerfkore using Ribs
Transitioning Kerfkore from Straight to Curves How to splice Kerfkore
What is Timberflex?

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